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The knowledge, encouragement and tools to grow what you're passionate about

Anyone who's had even a small amount of success in their life will tell you: It's harder on your own.

Everyone could benefit from a little support and encouragement to make a success of what they're passionate about. That's where Makelight comes in.

Makelight is a learning community for makers and entrepreneurs, all growing, inspiring and supporting each other.

We'll help you make a success of the thing you're passionate about.

Our featured courses

The Technique

For online business growth

Learn to use modern tools and approaches to build your business

Available from 12 Sep
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Photography for



Learn to take beautiful photographs of your family you'll treasure for life

Available from 31 Jul Free course
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Video-based courses
on all aspects of growing a business idea or side project.


Growth tools
that help you understand how your idea fits in the online world.


A supportive community
of people in a similar position as you.

Hi! I'm Emily Quinton, photographer, writer, teacher and founder of Makelight.

Join our community and receive useful, inspiring and accessible video courses on a range of topics to helping you grow yourself and your business.

I hope you'll join us and let us help you turn what you're passionate about into a way of making a living doing meaningful work that fits in with your life.

Try it out today with the free version of Makelight. Just sign in with Facebook or Instagram to start.

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How it works

Each month we focus on one important topic

As a member you receive lessons, videos, projects and recommendations all via our own custom-built website. We host live 1-hour video Q&A sessions and we have an ongoing discussion group on Facebook.


The List

July's focus on Growing your email list

An email list is a huge asset for any business, project or blog. We'll be helping you grow yours!

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The Balance

August's focus on Work/life balance

Finding some balance and not feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do is a modern day skill

Coming soon

Get access to these premium courses at no extra cost

Priced at $99 - $399, but free for members we offer one particular premium courses to take at the same time together. A new course roughly once every other month. Plus the option to access other courses when we release them.

Learning with other people keeps you motivated!

Want immediate access to a course to do it solo? Buy it as a one-off.


Photography Essentials

Learn to use your digital camera to take great photographs for your blog, Instagram and Pinterest.
Next running June 2017
Included in the membership
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Improve your visual storytelling and learn to use Instagram as a way to build an audience around what you do.
Next running July 2017
Included in the membership
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Make your brand Bloom

Our super-popular branding course all about getting a visual identity together for your idea or business.
Next running September 2017
Included in the membership
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The List

A strong newsletter is a huge asset for any blossoming business, blog or project. Let's grow yours!
Next running July 2017
Included in the membership

Facebook Ads

Learn how to use Facebook advertising to grow your audience and promote what you do on this introductory course.
On demand for members
Included in the membership

The Technique

Learn to apply modern online tools and approaches to grow your online business.
Next running Fall 2017
Announcing details soon

Plus more courses if you stay with us for six months or more

We've made tools to help you grow



Get a monthly visualisation of your Instagram account – colours, hashtags, themes and suggested similar accounts. Coming soon – Pinterest!



Research and gather hashtags to use for your Instagram account. Learn how to grow your account with relevant, good hashtags.



Gather swatches of colours that you find via Makelight tools to apply in your branding and sharing.

Most of all, join a supportive, positive community

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our members say!

Catherine Garner

Its a great way to develop your creativity while participating with a friendly, like minded community.

Kristen Smith

The small tips and tricks I've learned have been the most enlightening and the feedback of the group is super helpful!

Marie Iannotti

Very clear, actionable training given in bites small enough to handle, yet substantial enough to inspire you to keep going.

Debbie Lamey MacDonald

Great teaching, supportive and always evolving. I love how new surprises are always being added. Makelight grows with you!

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