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Our Photography for Makers Level Two course will help you to improve the images you take of the things you make and grow an appreciative audience around you and your maker story.

This course will help you to tell the story of your creative business, gain skills in image-making, improve your workflow and lots more. Better images are good for business!


Grow a beautiful brand – join our new Bloom course 

March offer: Get bloom + six months free membership

If you're doing anything online you'll at some point need to start thinking about your brand. What are you communicating? Who to? What imagery and language should you be using to get your message across?

On this brand new course you'll work on what makes your brand tick, defining your visual style and making a brand that will bloom in 2017!


Get a free visual report of the colours and themes that are most popular when you use them on Instagram

We've made a tool for you that will give you a beautiful overview of the colours and themes that you've been sharing on Instagram.


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