Hello, I’m Emily Quinton.

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I’m a photographer, writer, blogger and maker. 

I have worked as a professional photographer for a decade. During that time I've done a wide variety of work – highlights would be shooting weddings for high profile clients including MPs and appearing on Channel 5’s How to Take Stunning Pictures

I create images on both my iPhone and my dSLR every single day to build a visual journal and as a way of making time for a daily creative meditation. It’s been amazing seeing the mobile phone develop over such a few years into becoming my main day-to-day camera.



I love to make and create all sorts of things and have a particular addiction to washi tape, glitter and pretty paper. 

My first book, Maker Spaces,  was published in Spring 2015 and is a collection of thirteen photo-essays about inspiring makers and their homes.

My husband, Stef, is also a compulsive maker. Together we share our love of making with our four young children who inspire me every day with their unbelievable creativity, fresh eyes and imaginations. You’ll often see them appearing on the blog.




Makelight is at the core of all the work that I do. I teach and inspire students in my photography workshops, online and in person at the Makelight Studio in South London. I enjoy speaking at conferences and events particularly around how the new opportunities that online and mobile provide for photography.


Work with me

I work with brands big and small through photography, making and writing. If you’re interested in commissioning me to speak to your team, or arrange a private workshop around visual social media, please get in touch. 

You can contact me via email on [email protected]