Hello! We're Makelight

Build your creative life

Makelight helps and inspires you to build your creative life through daily inspiration articles, videos, Live Q&As, a supportive, international community, a collection of tools and a big library of online courses.

By focussing on three main areas, Growth, Balance and Creativity, we provide content and support to help you to blend your work and life in positive, enriching and creative ways. 

Make a success of your passion

If you have a business, blog, idea or you want to build on the creativity in your life, we'd love to help you to grow.

Makelight is a learning community for makers, creatives and doers, all growing, inspiring and supporting each other.

We'll help you make a success of the things you're passionate about.

Hello! I'm Emily Quinton

I'm a photographer, writer, teacher and founder of Makelight.

Makelight started life as a lifestyle blog and has grown into a beautiful online learning community that fills my heart with joy every day. I have developed and grown Makelight while bringing up my four young children and am passionate about helping others to blend their work and life in ways that work for them. 

The online world is busy and you can often feel a little lost. Your friends and family may not always understand what you are passionate about. 

At Makelight we have a supportive and friendly international community waiting to welcome you. The friendships that I see form and the connections that are made within the community inspire me every day.

Join our community and start being inspired to grow and make new friends today. 

We can’t wait to meet you! xo

Our three themes

Creativity, Growth, Balance

Throughout Makelight you'll see us coming back to the same three themes in what we write about, talk about and make courses about.


Makelight is a community of makers and doers. Whatever stage you're at with your passion, having a little nudge to add some creativity into your life can be super helpful.


We're all growing and adapting – some at different rates to others. The online world can sometimes make you feel like you're falling behind or going slowly. By focusing on growing in what you do, just a little bit every day, it can have a big effect on how you feel about what you do day-to-day.


Finding some balance in this busy world can be something that feels out of reach. We're trying to address that with regular, achievable ideas to live and work in a better way.


Learning, tools and community

You can become part of Makelight in lots of ways, including our free tools and courses. If you want the full experience, then for a monthly fee you get access to everything that we offer via the Makelight Membership.

Online courses

We offer free mini courses and full online courses across many aspects of creative business and practice. As a member you get access to all of them.

Daily Inspiration

Emily shares daily inspiration just for members with articles, videos, book reviews and a weekly podcast

Community connection

We use Facebook and Instagram to connect everyone up. Look out for regular Facebook Live events.

Meetups and workshops

Getting folks together face-to-face is important. Meetups and workshops just for members are a big part of the community feel of Makelight.

Live Q&As

We host regular Facebook Live sessions to answer your questions.

Tools to help you grow

We've made a handful of useful tools – Instagram hashtags, our Year of Colour reports, analytics tools about your website and lots more.

Who We Are

A Wife-and-husband team

Hello there, we're Emily and Stef. We host the Makelight community and together we make everything that helps it all work.

Emily Quinton

Photographer, writer, mother of four, I run the Makelight community with my husband, Stef. Lovely to meet you!

Stef Lewandowski

We're a tiny team, and my job is to design and build all the technical parts of Makelight. You'll also hear from me in some of our courses. Hi!


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