A Guide To Makelight
A Guide To Makelight

Hello and Welcome to Makelight! 

We have written this Guide To Makelight for you to help you to understand and navigate all that is here to help you to grow your creative life. If you still have a question please leave it below in the Comments, so that we can add the reply to this article and make it more useful with each question that is asked. 

What is Makelight? 

Makelight is a learning community to help and support makers and entrepreneurs like you to grow their creative life in both their work and life.

Members subscribe each month, so that whenever you need help it is there in the form of Courses, the daily inspiration on the Members Dashboard,  our Membership Community, Makelight Circles (coming soon) and our set of Makelight Tools. 

Some months you will be very active and in other months you might be too busy to access very much but whenever you want to get stuck in again, everything is still there for you. 

The cost to be a Makelight Member for the whole year is the same price as just two of our courses, so do not feel like you have to squeeze in every single piece of content we make available. Do what is relevant to you at the right time for you. Topics will come round again, so you won’t miss out. 

What do I get each month? 

Each month you get access to our daily inspiration, Live Q&As, the Makelight Tools and the Membership Community. In addition to this you can choose to also take one of our Makelight Courses. 

What are Makelight Courses?

Makelight Courses are an in-depth look at a particular area of Growth, Creativity or Balance, designed to help you to build your Business. You can take these independently or join in with other Makelight Members when we are running it as a new session. 
Each course has a set of about 20 video lessons with some exercises for you to do. 

How can I connect with the Community?

The best place to connect with other Members is in the Facebook Group but look out for Makelight Circles coming soon. 

We also host regular Makelight Gatherings in London and beyond, which are a great way for Members to meet up in real life.

Where should I start? 

The best place to start is with this week's daily content or if you have joined to do a particular course then start with that. Do not feel like you have to take everything at once. That is not the best way to learn and it will quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

What happens if I have a busy month or am away on holiday? 

Do not worry. We all have times when we can’t fit everything in that we want to and we all definitely need to take time off. Take the time off that you need and know that we will all be here when you return. 

Sometimes people are tempted to cancel their membership when this happens. Try to think of Makelight like a gym membership or Netflix subscription. There will be times when you can’t get to the gym or don’t have time to watch TV but you still need to pay your monthly fee, so that it’s there when you can get to the gym or curl up on the sofa for a well-earned rest. Makelight is just the same. 

What happens if I fall behind? 

First of all do not panic. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed in all areas of building a business. Makelight is here to help and support you, and we certainly don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. 

Remember that you can come back to the content at any time for as long as you are a Member. We will also return to topics at different times, so if you miss something the first time it will come back around for you. 

If you are growing your business there will be times when you need support with a particular areas and there will be other times when you are simply busy building your business and don’t have time for learning anything new. 

But the great thing with Makelight is the Community you are a part of. Working for yourself can be lonely and hard. Even if you are behind with the lessons, you always have this amazing, supportive, international community.