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By Emily Quinton

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I am so excited to tell you all about my brand new course, "A Joyful Summer".

I have written this course to help us all to have the best Summer yet. So many times this season has whizzed by much faster than I have wanted, so a couple of years ago I started to be more intentional about how I spend this beautiful season.

The Summer months are slower than others. We have long evenings and so much beautiful light. We have school holidays, family holidays, BBQs with friends, time for day-dreaming and swimming in the sea.

But we also have tricky negotiations to make between work and play. If we have children and we are working, we have a really tough juggle during the school holidays. And even if we don't have children, we still have to keep going in the Summer even on the days when we'd rather hide under a tree in the park with a good book!

So many times I've landed in September without a proper plan for how I want and need to spend the rest of the year. Or with so many ideas that I don't know where to start. That final third of the year is so valuable and important for us all, that it's such a good idea to have a plan before we get there.

If you took part in my Makelight Advent, this is the Summer version. It will come with new friends in a lovely Facebook community, regularly opportunities to ask me questions in Live Q&As and daily inspirational lessons about Creativity, Growth and Balance.

You can work at your own pace. You don't have to do everything but you can pick and choose what sounds good for you. You can pop in each day or do it in chunks. You could even save them and spread them out over the next 12 months! This course is designed to work for you.

I cannot wait to get started on July 1st and I really hope you'll be joining me. xo

If you book before the end of July 22nd you can save £25

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A brand new two month course to help make your Summer full of Joy!

I'm Emily Quinton, photographer, writer, teacher and mother of four. Along with my husband Stef I run Makelight – a membership community for creators, makers and doers.

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