Cakes & Cameras : a workshop with Sugar Plum Bakes

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By Emily Quinton

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Last weekend I hosted my first workshop with Vaani Wadman of Sugar Plum Bakes in my home studio. It was such a special day with 8 wonderful women who had come together with us to learn how to decorate a cake, style and photograph it.

I really loved when everyone arrived and all start chatting away, some people catching up with friends, others making new ones. It was such a special atmosphere and a complete honour for it to be happening in my home!

If you missed this one but would love to come to a workshop with Vaani and I then read all the way down to the bottom and the details of our next workshop are there after the video of the day.

Vaani started the day by showing everyone how to add the jam and buttercream to the layers of the cake, followed by how to create the naked cake look.

And then it was the fun part of adding the flowers and fruit! Vaani gave so many create tips and I'm excited about using them when I make my daughter's birthday cake next week.

After a lovely lunch and plenty of great conversations we looked at setting up some different scenes to style our cakes, working with the dark November afternoon as best as we could. I love watching people styling things and how different people look at things. Styling with beautiful cakes and flowers is a joy too!

Our day finished with a slice of Vaani's delicious red velvet cake and a warming cup of tea.

Thank you to Leigh Chappell Flowers for lending us the gorgeous Autumn wreath for the day.

Spring Workshop

Vaani and I really enjoyed running the workshop together, so we have set a date for an early Spring workshop with more cakes, styling and photography!

The date is Saturday March 24th and we will be using edible flowers on our cakes and enjoying the Spring light for our photography.


Dulwich, South East London

£135 - places limited to 10 people

You can book your place here.

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at

I'm Emily Quinton, photographer, writer, teacher and mother of four. Along with my husband Stef I run Makelight – a membership community for creators, makers and doers.

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