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By Emily Quinton

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I am so looking forward to sharing another year of books with you and it feels wonderful to be starting with this gem of a book by one of my favourite creatives, Lisa Congdon. If you don't follow Lisa on Instagram you really should, she is such an inspiration and force for good.

"Find Your Artistic Voice : An Essential Guide To Working Your Creative Magic" is already having an impact on my 2020.

It covers what an Artistic Voice is, why it matters and provides strategies for developing your own voice. It also tackles influence and the importance of showing up and doing the work. Plus a chapter I think so many of you need, "Begin Anyhow : Moving through Fear".

In addition to drawing on her own experiences, Lisa interviews several artists throughout the book, including the lovely Kate Bingaman-Burt (who features in my book, Maker Spaces), Martha Rich and Andrea Pippins.

Lisa's colourful illustrations appear throughout the book, making it extra special, joyful and inspiring.

"Creative thinking happens in most people, but what differentiates most productive artists from the rest of the population is that they are actually compelled to do something with their ideas, and they are usually able to work through fears about not being ready or not having the right set of tools." (p. 55 Finding Your Artistic Voice, Lisa Congdon).

I think we can all learn from this book, whether we consider ourselves to be artists or not. We are all creative and the chapters and lessons in this book can apply to all areas of our lives and work.

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A wonderful new book from Lisa Congdon

I'm Emily Quinton, photographer, writer, teacher and mother of four. Along with my husband Stef I run Makelight – a membership community for creators, makers and doers.

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