Introducing The Makelight Book Club

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By Emily Quinton

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I am really excited today to announce that each month I will be sharing a book for us to read together and discuss in the Makelight Book Club Facebook Group.

"Not another Facebook Group" you may be thinking but right now this is the best way we have for those of you who want to discuss the books to come together. In the future I'm hoping we will have something on the Makelight site to facilitate this but this is something I have wanted to make happen for a long while, so I decided to go for it after talking about it with some of you at a recent Makelight Gathering.

This Month's Book

I will share a book towards the end of each month for the following month, to give you time to buy it if you want to or to add it to your Audible Library if you like to listen to books.

This month's book is "Busy : How to thrive in a world of too much" by Tony Crabbe. You may have heard me talking about this book last year, particularly those of you who came to the Makelight Retreat. It had a big impact on me and I'm really looking forward to reading it again.

I'm Emily Quinton, photographer, writer, teacher and mother of four. Along with my husband Stef I run Makelight – a membership community for creators, makers and doers.

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