Setting Yourself A Challenge For 2020

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By Emily Quinton

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Have you set yourself a challenge for 2020? I love to set myself a challenge for the year. It doesn't have to be connected to your work. I think that working towards a challenge in any area of your life can really help to boost your confidence, productivity and happiness levels in all areas of your life.

When I think about a challenge, I think of something that is going to push me but is also going to be achievable. I have to think about how much time I really have available. I might need my family's support and encouragement, and I might sometimes need to take some weekend time for my challenge, which means I have less time with them. But I am generally looking for something that I can fit around family life, so I think about how much time I have to give to my challenge. This means that I am starting off in a good place because I know I don't need anyone else to help me out with their time. It's up to me!

My challenge might be something that isn't about adding something to my schedule but instead about making changes. For example, this year I want to stop waking up and reaching for my phone. Due to complex reasons connected to my children's autism, I can't sleep without my phone in my room at the moment (I cannot wait for a time when this is possible!), so this has to be something that I use a lot of willpower to change. I'm working on it and making progress, and I hope to have cracked it soon!

I have also set myself a creative challenge with my family and I am also still working on our clutter, which means my 2019 challenge has rolled into 2020. That's all good because I'm still working on it and it feels good!

Here are ten challenge examples that might inspire you.

1. A Fitness Goal

2. A Healthy Eating Goal

3. A Creative Project Goal

4. A Learning Goal

5. A Reading Goal

6. A Habit Goal

7. A Gardening Goal

8. An Interiors Goal

9. A Clear-out Goal

10. A Time with Friends Goal

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Have you set yourself a challenge for 2020?

I'm Emily Quinton, photographer, writer, teacher and mother of four. Along with my husband Stef I run Makelight – a membership community for creators, makers and doers.

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