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Discovering my season : Colour Psychology

By Emily Quinton

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Earlier this week I attended an amazing workshop called Colour Psychology for Creatives, which was run by the wonderful Fiona Humberstone. I knew the workshop would be good because Fiona never fails to inspire me whether through her blog posts, Instagram images of her beautiful garden or a catch up over dinner but what I didn't realise is just how life-changing this workshops would be. Yes, life-changing! 

There's a part of me that doesn't want to tell anyone about it, so that I can keep all this new, wonderful, insightful and down right inspiring knowledge to myself and there's another part of me that wants to shout about it, so that you all sign-up for Fiona's amazing workshop and change your life too! 

Before I attended Fiona's workshop I thought I had a pretty good understanding of colour and my brand and style. I wasn't 100% sure why I even needed to go on the workshop but something about it tempted me and I am just so glad it did. Fiona's blog post about colour psychology started to get me thinking the week before the workshop. Perhaps I didn't know as much as I thought I did. 

On my way to the workshop I walked through a park, which always helps me to clear my head and think bigger than just about what's next on my to-do list. I thought about where I want Makelight to be in 2015 and beyond, and what's stopping me getting there at the moment. Could colour psychology really help me with this stuff? Had Fiona seen the same missing parts in my jigsaw? 

When I arrived at Brixton East, the most beautiful venue, I was immediately struck by the positive energy, the incredibly attention to detail and the colours. Gorgeous coral dahlias caught my eye and made me feel both calm and excited about the day ahead. 

When Fiona began talking about the four seasons upon which colour psychology is based I wanted to cry, shout and dance all at once. As she read out the description of Spring it was like it had been written about me, and then Autumn too. I am, without a doubt, a delightful combination of Spring and Autumn. My creativity, enthusiasm for life and that unstoppable habit of taking on too much (!!) is captured perfectly in these two seasons, as well as many other things both positive and negative.

To find out more about Spring and Autumn, and indeed Summer and Winter and all that it means you will have to take on of Fiona's workshops, or if you live outside London, you might want to take Holly Becker's next online course, Blog Boss : The Business of Blogging, which features Fiona as one of the guest teachers. Be quick though as registration closes soon. 

The biggest thing for me about this workshop was not only discovering more about myself and why I'm drawn to particularly colours, shapes and fonts but how to use this knowledge about colours and what they mean, represent and convey for my business. 

On that walk through the park I had been thinking about the one thing I have struggled with for a long time; being taken seriously and being seen as professional. At the beginning of the workshop I wrote this down and I was really pleased that Fiona had picked up on it too. Through thinking about seasons and colours, I now feel equipped to begin to make changes to my websites, my branding and the way I think about my business to enable me to be taken seriously. 

I have always been very connected to colour but this workshop has taken that connection to a whole new level. I know I'm going to use this new found knowledge for my business, for myself, for my home and for understanding my children better too.

Simply life-changing! x

PS. the food by Maddie Hatton was incredible too...and all so beautifully styled to complement the workshop. 




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