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By Emily Quinton

The most incredible and unexpected thing to have happened through teaching my Makelight workshops is the community that has built up around them. Every time I teach amazing people come together to learn. Many become friends in real life and many more become online friends, supporters, champions. 

Every Makelight student is invited to a closed Facebook Group after the workshops, where we continue to connect and inspire each other. Questions are asked, blog posts and images are shared and inspiration is left for everyone to enjoy and soak up. 

Last month I thought it would be a lovely idea not just to give Makelight members a word of the month to help keep them motivated with their photography but also for them to choose one image to share here on the Makelight blog. 

I am so proud of the amazing progress they are making that I want to share it with you. 

September's Word: Inspiration 

My image is the one above. I have chosen this one because it includes my two favourite colours, one of my favourite flowers....and all flowers inspire me...and it represents the changing season, which always inspires me. 

Really Pretty Useful

I hope these images have given you some inspiration to start the new week and that you enjoy finding some new blogs amongst this lovely selection to read too. xo





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