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Moodboarding & Photography

By Emily Quinton

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Hooray! I’m on a writing roll again, with this my third post this week. Not that I wasn’t on a writing roll over the past few months...just in a book not a blog! 

This evening I want to share with you the wonderful and inspiring workshop I ran with the lovely Gudy Herder last month. After months of plotting and planning via Skype after being introduced by our good mutual friend Louise, we finally got to bring our different skills, experience and styles together in London for a weekend of photography and moodboarding. 

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Our mission was to help people to define an individual style for their brand and to learn how to take images to represent that style. We chose three styles to focus on for the weekend; bright and colourful, minimal and moody. It was a really creative way to teach my photography element and it really enabled me to work with our lovely students to show them different tips and tricks for achieving different looks and feels for their images with both their camera phones and their dSLRs. 

Obviously there are so many more styles they might want to create and the whole idea is to define your signature style, so that is stands out from everyone else’s. By teaching them how to capture these three styles they were able to learn how to use their cameras, light and composition to do different things, which means they are ready to go and work on their own styles. 

The second day was the moodboarding element with Gudy and it was so inspiring for me to take part in this. All of us worked together to create one huge moodboard, which was so interesting and taught us a lot about the processes involved in making a moodboard. I have used moodboards for years but I have never been taught how to actually make them and I am so excited that I’ve spent this time learning from such an expert. 

Next we watched Gudy create a moodboard, which was fascinating before moving on to create our own ones. Gudy encouraged us to really think about every element on our boards and all the meanings within each image. It was so good and I can’t wait to put aside some time to create a 2015 moodboard soon. 

And you can see more images from the workshop if you take a peek at #DYSS14  on Instagram. 

I always love to see what my students do after my workshops and I just have to share this beautiful Instagram feed with you. Watching how Natasha is working on her style is such a joy. I love it! 

Since attending the workshop, I feel I have a better sense of my 'style' and the message I would like to portray.  My photos have changed completely and I think my IG feed is now more coherent and certainly more attractive.  I enjoyed the two classes and found both Emily and Gudy to be warm, friendly and so knowledgable.  I highly recommend this course.
Natasha Taking_a_moment_in_time

"Defining Your Signature Style, was just as the heading described, the ideal workshop to find a personal and brand style that perfectly represents you.  The two different areas of specialism brought together by Gudy and Emily really compliment each other, both are excellent teachers who provide plenty of feedback, practical exercises and are happy to give away their tips to build your confidence, and give you great skills moving forward.  I would highly recommend it, not only was the workshop incredibly beneficial and inspiring, but I also thoroughly enjoyed it!”
Emma Harris, A quiet style

It was wonderful to teach with Gudy. Our styles are so different - I’m all over the bright and colourful, while Gudy is much more the dark and moody - and yet I think we come together to offer something so interesting and inspiring. We both loved it so much and got such lovely feedback from the group, that we’ve booked in to teach it again next year. You can reserve your place now! 

All of the images are taken by me apart from the ones with me in, which were taken by the lovely Ruth from Coral and Bone. 



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