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Making Positive Mornings

By Emily Quinton

The Scarlet Spa | Makelight

Hello! I hope your week is going well so far and you are feeling happy. I want to share something I've changed in my life over the past few months to make my days start in a really positive way. After a nine year break I've joined a gym again. Before I started having babies I was super fit and I felt so strong, well and in control of my body in a really positive and healthy way. I could wear whatever I wanted to and nearly all of the time feel confident in my body. 

During my pregnancies I loved my body but between my pregnancies it really wasn't so great! So, when I finally realised that I could not only join the gym again but actually make time for it I was very excited. And pretty nervous too. I started by going swimming because the pool is where I always feel calm, confident and happy.

That was back in November and I am now swimming four mornings a week and going to body pump once a week too. I get up at 6am, walk to the gym, exercise, shower and walk home, and still have enough time to get the children ready for school. My mind has the space it craves in the morning and my body is getting stronger every day. When you have four children all wanting your attention from the moment you open your eyes it can be a pretty intense way to start the day. I also very rarely get to have a shower in peace when I'm at home! 

When I get back it's pretty intense getting everyone ready, out the door and to school but because I'm full of happy energy from my workout and my mind has had time to think about the day ahead, I can handle it so much better. My husband and my children actually appreciate me going to the gym because it makes me a much happier, calmer person! 

I am so excited about building up my strength again and feeling so much better about my body. And it's so good starting this in the Winter. If I can get up in the dark in the Winter it will be oh so much easier in the Summer. Plus hello Summer clothes! 

People often ask me how I do so much with four children. Making time for myself when I can and making sure I stay fit and healthy are always top of my list when I reply. I hope sharing this with you doesn't make you think "I could never get up at 6am to go swimming" but instead inspires you to think how you could fit some positive time for you into each day, whether that's a 5 minute stretch, a few minutes meditation or a cup of tea and a magazine. Make time for you! xo 

You can read a little more about me today here as I'm this week's Wednesday Woman

PS The swimming pool above is not the one I swim in every day. You'd never get me out for the school run if it was! This pool is at the Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall, which is our special place to escape to for a weekend without our little ones. It is my little slice of heaven! 


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