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Achieving Balance : Win A Weekend In The Woods

By Emily Quinton

Slowing down, taking time off, unplugging, getting back to nature are all important and wonderful things but when you are building a business these things can sometimes be hard. They are not necessarily hard to fit in but they are often very hard to plan for. 

Makelight has changed so much in the past six months, and especially in the past three months that Stef has been here full-time. We are working hard right now. Like really hard. We are really used to working hard but this is the first time that we've worked this hard on the same thing. That means we're both working really hard at the same time...while bringing up four little ones! Crazy, amazing, exciting and kind of mental all at once! 

We have our own plans on how to make this sustainable and we have some super lovely things planned for the school holidays, including a long weekend at the Welsh House where there is no internet at all! 

But we also need to make sure that switching off doesn't happen at the wrong time. This causes more stress and upset than you might think. It's all very well planning on taking a weekend off the grid, if there are systems in place that make sure that when you return on Sunday evening everything is happy and hunky dory for the following week. 

When taking time off impacts on things when you return it can cause way more stress than not taking any time off. We know because over the past few years we've been there too many times. Time off is so important. We know, we really do. But we also know that timing and the manor of the time off is so important. 

This weekend we have tickets to go and Camp In The Woods with Hatchet & Bear. We booked it at the beginning of the year when life was all rather different. Right now the thought of spending this coming weekend off the grid feels us both with a lot stress, especially with the school holidays on the horizon. 

We are still going away for the weekend without our little ones, so we will definitely be getting a rest. And I will actually get to sleep through the night! We might even find a spa or have a dip in the sea. But for this weekend our laptops are coming with us. And that is just fine. It's important to get the balance right, so the stress levels are taken care of. As we grow Makelight over the next year we have taking holidays and time off in the plan. We know just how important it is for us and for the business. But we also know when to change the plan! 

Hatchet & Bear

We would really love for someone to win this opportunity to go camping in the woods and carve your own spoons. So, if the timing is right for you this weekend (it is this weekend...I know the link above is to one later in the July but our tickets are for this weekend!) and you can travel to Wiltshire then please leave a comment below before 8pm (BST) on Wednesday 29th June and I will add you to the hat! 



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