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Back To School : Planning Your Autumn

By Emily Quinton

I really love this time of year. As August comes to an end and I'm full of those back to school feelings that make me want to plan and plot my Autumn. With plenty of new stationery of course! 

Planning Your Autumn

As my children get ready to actually go back to school I am also thinking about the things that I want to learn about. There are always new things to learn about and I love how the start of a new academic year inspires me to think about what I want to work on over the coming year, particularly over the Autumn months. 

I spend my days teaching the Makelight Community but it's always important for me to be learning too. We are really building Makelight into something much bigger, and hopefully better. It is already the biggest thing I have ever worked on and there are lots of business skills that I want to build on. My pile of books on my desk keeps on growing! 

Planning Your Autumn

I also have my 40 Before 40 List to complete, which has quite a few 'learning new things' targets on it. I am not quite sure that with just over a month to go that I really can make all these happen before I turn 40 but I can definitely get them all done during the next few months. Writing lists like these really help me to focus on things that are important to me but that never really make it to the top of the to-do list. Running a business and being a mother to four children often means that I just about remember to change my clothes and wash my hair, let alone think about what I want to learn just for fun!

So, with these things in mind we are making you a Makelight Planner to help with your lists and plans. Your very own pretty new stationery! 


Get the planner

It's a free download and will be out early September.


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