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Creating A Family Photo Wall

By Emily Quinton

This week I launched my Family Photography Online Course, which runs for the whole of August and September. As a mother of four children who takes a lot of family photographs, this course is very close to my heart and it's a dream come true to be able to share this passion and help other people tell their family's visual stories and create special memories. 

For the first task of the course I asked people to look through old photo albums and to talk to their children about the photographs. And then to create their own Family Photo Wall, which they will build on during the course. 

Family Photo Wall : Makelight

As soon as we got back from Wales I ordered our first Summer 2016 prints and I created this happy wall in our living room with some cute Kiki K papers and washi tape. I am away in San Francisco at the moment but I can’t wait to share this wall with my children when we are all back home together next week. I know they are really going to enjoy adding to this over the next few weeks. 

Family Photo Wall : Makelight

Images really help children to hold memories. My children love looking back at things they remember and also really enjoy seeing themselves as babies and toddlers, and all the times they really can’t remember. 

Printing images is really important for me too. At the end of an exhausting day or after a tricky bedtime they are the perfect thing to look at. To make me remember the good stuff, the happy times and why all the hard work is so worth it. 

Creating images and then printing them out works like writing down three happy things I am grateful for each day. It fills me with the good stuff. It makes me really remember why life is so good and it also helps me to feel balanced. 

I love printing images with SimLab, Huggleup and Inkifi and stocking up with washi tape from Papermash and Quill.

Family Prints : Makelight

You can join the Family Photography Course at any time. Even if you don’t want to join this course I hope you’re inspired to make your own Summer wall. Please do share your images with me if you do.

Happy Weekend! xo


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