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Managing Change : from Instagram to Starting School

By Emily Quinton

When my real life world is a little crazy I love to escape into my online world for comfort, inspiration and a little stability. Places like Pinterest, Bloglovin and Instagram can be like climbing under a cosy blanket for a while and I can often block out the real world for a little while. 

But somehow this week I feel like my whole world has been shaken up. We're going through some big stuff at Makelight (good, exciting...huge....stressful....more will be revealed all in good time), our older three children have returned back to school for another year (always makes me a bit of an emotional mess simply because time is going too fast) and then later this week our youngest will join them and that will be it...all our four children at school. That is big, big stuff when you've been juggling pre-school children with running a business (actually several businesses!) for the past ten years.


And then I go on online and Instagram is all a mess too. The beautiful, inspiring place that I've enjoyed and treasured so much for the past few years just isn't the same. And it feels rather like Flickr did when it got too big or Pinterest when one day my feed was suddenly full of ugly nonsense or when Facebook pages went 'all change' on us. I don't like it and I want to stamp my feet and cry about everything right now. Change, especially when it feels like everything is changing everywhere can be really hard to manage. 

Change is super important though. How boring would it be if everything just stayed the same? So, this week I'm focussing on embracing all the change.

Letting my feelings flow

It's often easy to think we have to be big and strong all the time but sometimes we can't be and that's okay. Being able to let my feelings flow is super important right now. Bottling them up could quickly result in all sorts of muddle and it's much better to have a good rant or a good cry. It makes you feel so much better! 

Managing Change : Makelight

Remembering to breathe

Taking time for meditation, yoga and running is extra important for me right now but also really easy to let slip. When you are trying to deal with change it's easy to be really absorbed with it and think there is no time for anything else. 

I know that when I make time for exercise and meditation it really helps me face change and challenges so much better. When I let it all slip I can feel too overwhelmed and like I've lost my super powers! 

Living in the now

It is really easy to wish for the past or dream of the future and totally forget to live in the right here and now. I am guilty of doing this all the time and then I look around and realise my children have grown another few inches and time is passing by far too fast. 

Children are great at living in the moment, so I do have four great role models right here with me. And I'm trying to not to wish for the Instagram of a few months ago or dream of the next big thing. Or to wish for the days of tiny babies in my arms or dream of the nursery settling in time to be quickly over, so that I can work in daylight hours again. 

I am doing my best to enjoy and appreciate where I am right now both online and offline. 

Managing Change : Makelight

Feeling grateful

I think we all know just how easy it is to moan, stress and worry when things change. We don't like change and often things change that our outside our control. We didn't decide that the new Instagram algorithm would be a good idea. We had not say in it and yet for many of us we invest a huge amount of time and energy into this platform, so for it all to change without our say is really hard to take. 

But, let's stop for a moment and remember all the good stuff. There's a high chance you are reading this blog because we first connected on Instagram or if you've taken one of my online courses or workshops, you might have found out about them on Instagram. 

I have gained so much from Instagram. It's allowed me to build Makelight, to connect with so many amazing people all over the world and to find inspiration and loveliness in my pocket whenever I need it. How cool is that? 

Yep, it's changing, it's no the place it was earlier this year but it's still pretty cool and I doubt we'll all be leaving it anytime soon. We just need to adapt and be grateful for the positives as we go along. There will always be some and if there really are none left then there will be something new. 

In the world we live in we are always going to have a place to share our images and connect with each other. This might continue to be Instagram or it might be a new place. We'll have to wait and see. But for now I would keep on taking your beautiful images, sharing them, finding inspiration in other people's images and words and keep this lovely community alive. It doesn't really matter where we are connecting, it matters that we are connecting. 

And, if you're stepping into the world of pre-school or school right now too then let's be grateful for where we are too. Let's celebrate our little ones growing, learning and meeting new people. There first big step out into the world. And be grateful that they will be so happy to see us at the end of each day and we can still hold their little hands and listen to their amazing stories of their days. Or indeed try and help them remember anything about it! 

Managing Change : Makelight

Big hugs 

Wherever you are at right now, online or offline, I'm sending you a big virtual hug. Being a grown-up is so tricky sometimes isn't it? But hugs will always help. xo


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