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Makelight wins $100k support from Google

By Emily Quinton

Folks! Some great news today. Emily and I are super pleased to let you know that today Makelight has been accepted onto the Google Cloud Platform for Startups program.

For the last few months we've been busy building a set of Instagram tools as well as our own online learning platform that we run our courses on.

Sometimes people are a little surprised that Makelight is still only such a small team - Emily and I are full time (very full time!) and we have a wonderful group of people around us who pop in for special projects and support. To be able to offer everything that we do via Makelight, we rely on a lot of tech from some great services.

Behind the scenes at Makelight there are lots of moving parts. One of those parts is Google Cloud Platform. We use it to hold on to the millions of images we have flowing through the Makelight Insights and Hashtag Library tools. The more images, the more it costs, so it could get expensive pretty quickly while we're building these tools.

Today we've just heard that our fledgling startup business suddenly has some awesome backing from Google. We've been granted $100,000 in credits to spend with them, plus 24/7 Gold support, workshops with Google engineers, a full review of how we've designed Makelight from a technical point of view, and lots more. The money sounds exciting, but I reckon the real value is in having some really really smart people help us to improve how we're designing and building Makelight.

This is all really positive, and is great timing for us on the back of the great reception we had for our new Makelight Insights "Year of Colour" reports. We've been generating thousands of them since Christmas, so if you've not yet tried it, sign in with Instagram over here and see what the fuss is about.

This is a super positive way to start the year! I can't begin to tell you how excited we both are about what this means for what we'll now be able to build for the Makelight community. Useful stuff coming your way in 5...4...3...

P.S. The image at the top of this page is an auto-generated pattern based on Emily's most recent Insights report.


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