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Rethinking work/family balance

By Emily Quinton

Hello! Today I'm sharing a video with you that I am so happy that I could make. It's about something that I have been really struggling with for the past ten years - being a mother not being the same as being a father, and all that means for running your own business (or indeed working for someone else), especially when you run that business with your partner.

Over the past couple of months I have been thinking even more about this and talking a lot about it with Stef and I think I'm finally feeling like I've got my head around. I don't promise all the answers in this video but I do hope that my story helps you to think about similar issues you may be having and inspires you a little. And above all I hope that it helps start a conversation, not only here in the blog comments but in your own relationship and family. 

I do want to make it super clear that I don't think women should have to do all the jobs in the home and be responsible for the running of family life. Absolutely not! But for us this is how it's working right now. This is how we can create a work/family set-up that works for us. 

I also want to emphasise that Stef is a very involved Dad. He is also the Chair of Governors at our school and all the children at the school know him because he is in the school so regularly. He spends more time with our children than many dads have the opportunity to. I simply couldn't have asked for a more amazing person to share the parenting adventure with and our children are super lucky. It's just the family organising part he's not so good at! 

I would love to hear from you if you have had any of these thoughts or have struggled to get the balance right for you. I think the more we share, the more we can make things work for all of us. 

I also know that I will be helping both our girls and our boys to prepare for the future, and making sure they can all do the washing, cleaning, shopping and cooking. Perhaps one day a blog post like this won't even be a thing anyone would even consider writing but I have a feeling we may be quite a way off that. 

Emily xo


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