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Finding some space for inspiration

By Emily Quinton

Last week I took two half days of work to go to the David Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain with my Mum and the other to watch La La Land. Both were a complete joy and made me feel live, inspired and happy. I also felt very guilty. I shouldn’t really have been talking time out to do these things and instead should have been busy working through my never ending to-do list

But at the end of the week I realised that taking this time out of my busy schedule had had a really good effect on the rest of my work. I know that it’s always good to take time out and to have some time to yourself, especially when you are juggling motherhood and business building! But this felt more than that. I was full of ideas and my mind felt both calmer and more excited. I realised this wasn't just about taking time off, time out, time for myself but this was actually an important part of my work. 

Towards the end of last year I decided to make a commitment to fitting in time for reading in my working week. I have always read a lot but until this year I haven’t made enough time for this during working hours. It can feel way too indulgent and not as important as anything else that I have to do. But without timetabling reading time into my working week then it slips way down the list and suddenly weeks can go by when I haven’t read anything new. 

Last week I realised that I need to add exhibitions, films and adventures to new places near and far to this list. I need to keep inspired to do my best work. Inspiration time needs to be part of my working week. Stef agrees that we both need this time and as we build Makelight, we will be creating a company that values this practise. 

I hope this encourages you to make time for gathering your own inspiration each week. xo




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