Watch the free Autumn photography
styling workshop

A free online workshop about photography, styling and the changing seasons

Here's the video. Press play and skip to 06:00 for the start of the broadcast.

Hello! To mark the start of Autumn we have a two-hour online workshop for you, all about photography, styling and thinking about what images you're making and sharing for the coming season.

It's hosted by Emily and we shot it live on Facebook on the 24th of September, and it's now here to watch whenever you like!

See the posts at the bottom for links and photos, and it'd be lovely if you'd leave a comment on the Facebook video.

There is a six minute "lobby" at the beginning of the video before it starts so you skip ahead to that point to get going.

The videos and additional resources will all be linked here soon so you can catch up afterwards.

Plus, if you sign in with Instagram, your #makelightautumn images will appear on our collaborative gallery, and you'll appear in our who's who (both linked at the top of this page).

Any questions, pop them in the live chat (bottom right) and Stef will be here to answer them.

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