Welcome to the Family storytelling course

Hello and welcome!

I'm so pleased you've chosen to take this course with us. We'll do our best to make it an inspiring and thought-provoking experience for you. First, some housekeeping!

The course is hosted by me, Emily Quinton, and my husband Stef. Together we have four children and you can see lots of our images on our family Instagram account.

Don't worry if you fall behind because you will be able to access all of the course materials via this site by logging in. You can take part at your own pace, and it's helpful to share your progress with others in the Facebook group as you go.

I'll email you when each lesson is available. Every lesson will include links at the bottom to all the others, so it's easy to find everything.

Your profile and the collaborative gallery

By now you'll likely have created a Makelight profile for yourself. It's a page that has some info about you so that people can connect with you (if you want) throughout the course. You'll also be listed on the Who's Who page for the course.

If you've signed in with Facebook and also use Instagram, you can add your Instagram gallery to your profile (and you'll also get a special report about how you're using Instagram).

If you have a private account, I'm afraid that this means your images won't appear and we can't generate a report for you – sorry!

If you've found that you've added the wrong Instagram account, please try using Facebook to sign in, then attaching the right account to it. There's a "Switch Instagram account" button on the profile editing page. If that's not working, please get in touch.

You find your profile at the top right and you can edit it to reflect what you're about. Over the course, any images that we tag with our group hashtag #makelightfamily will go into a collaborative gallery. We've made it so that it only includes those of us who have made a profile.

Your Insights report

If this is your first Makelight course, you can get a report about your Instagram gallery. From your profile (top right) add your Instagram and you'll receive an email with a link to your Makelight Insights report. I hope this makes interesting reading!

Your report gives you a way to look at the colours and themes that you've been using in your images, so you can understand the colours you might want to use more or less of in your gallery.

If you've got a private account, or don't yet have nine images, I'm afraid the report won't work for you! If you want to see multiple reports, sign out of Instagram.com and go to the Makelight Insights page and sign in with a different account to get a report for it.

Privacy: Because we're going to be taking photos of children, please don't share anyone's image that was not originally intended as being for a public audience. The Facebook group is closed to this group, so if you feel comfortable sharing in there, then please do, but don't feel that you have to! If in doubt, ask before sharing anything outside the group.

Facebook Live: Look out for our free live Q&A sessions on Facebook Live, either in the group or on the Makelight Facebook page.

Support: If you have a support request, please use the "How can we help" box at the bottom of every page or email us at [email protected] – Facebook messages and Instagram comments can sometimes be hard for us to find again for urgent issues! Particularly, if you're having trouble with your camera or apps and need some help finding the right settings to follow along with the lessons, let us know and we'll help you get unstuck.

Your first task – introduce yourself!

One of the best parts of any Makelight course is the busy Facebook group that we all join.

It would be great if you would join the Facebook group. It's a Private Group and you can connect with everyone else on the course, ask questions, share images and get feedback as you go through the lessons.

Please pop over and give a little introduction about yourself. The link is below and on every lesson page.

I am really looking forward to spending the next few weeks with you! Emily xo

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