Making a family memory wall

I'm very much looking forward to getting started with you on the course and to taking part in all the projects alongside you. Here is your first project to be working on over the next few days.

Dust off the photo albums

Spending time looking through photo albums is a lovely thing to do together with your children. It is a great way to talk about things you have done together in the past, memories of when they were younger and the perfect way to start this Family Storytelling Course.

If your children are old enough, tell them about the course and try to make it something that you are doing together. I know it always helps me when I am taking photographs of my children if they know why I want the photographs and have some understanding of creating memories and stories together. It makes them a lot more patient with me!

Looking at your family photographs will also really help you to think about where you are right now. What do you like about the family photographs you have taken? What would you like to improve on? What do you find tricky? This is a good exercise to do at the beginning of a course. It can help you to focus and also at the end to hopefully feel a great sense of achievement.

Make a photo wall

I am really excited about making a new Summer photo wall at our house. It is such a fun project and helps you to really celebrate your family time and the stories of family life that you are gathering.

Find a good wall to use and add a few images to get you started. We use washi tape to put up our images. Make a sign that says something like 'Family' or 'Family Summer' and add it to your wall. Over the next few weeks you can keep adding to this wall and watch your memories grow.

Look out for the start of our wall this week and I'd love you to share images of your walls in the Facebook Group.

If you don't have a wall you can do this on then get a really large piece of card from an art shop and stick your prints on there.

I am really looking forward to seeing your walls grow over the next few weeks!

Start telling your family story

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