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Hello, it's Stef here, with my first contribution to the course. I thought I'd take a look at how to get a variety of images using two popular and not too expensive lenses. In the video I mention the 24-70mm and 50mm lenses, both of which are my go-to lenses for taking out with the children.

Those measurements are for a standard full-frame SLR type camera, so you might look at an 18-55mm and 35mm as the equivalents if you're using a "cropped sensor" type of camera. On most compact cameras, that's the same kind of range that you'd be able to get too.

I'd like you to try to think about capturing a range of different images when you're next out with the family. Sometimes it's a good idea to have a mental check-list.

  • A wide shot to set the scene
  • A close up shot of the children each doing their thing
  • Some shallow depth of field shots of interesting things along the way
  • Another wider shot of the family doing something fun together

Knowing the kinds of images you can get from different types of lenses will help you to just go for those kinds of images when you have that particular lens on, rather than getting frustrated! Have fun, and look out for my next lesson which has a few technical challenges for you to try.

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