Favourite Story Tellers

I love to be inspired by other people on the internet. It's one of the big reasons that I enjoy social media. And whenever I am thinking about how I want to use something like Instagram Stories I find people doing it in a way that makes me want more. Here are some accounts that get me excited when I see that colourful ring around their avatar, letting me know that they have new Stories!

I have loved everything that Jeska from Lobster & Swan has done for years and her Stories are always a beautiful extension of her IG and blog. Everything looks and feels like her brand. It feels like she really cares about what she posts and I really appreciate that.

Carrie of Wish Wish Wish has the dreamiest travel and fashion blog and Instagram. Her stories take you away to far off places. I find her world so magical. Pure escapism! I heard Carrie talk at Blogtacular and she explained just how much time and effort she puts into her Stories. We can't all manage that but it is so engaging. I wonder if it is worth making Stories just once a week and going all in on it? As I have been looking through my Instagram to find the accounts I wanted to share with you I have found so many that I definitely don't want to share. Less is so often more, especially at a time when we are all bombarded with so much content.

Joy of Oh Joy is based in LA, so when I check my IG in the morning there are always new Stories to watch. I love her daily outfit sharing, the chats she has with her adorable kids in the car in the mornings, her studio scenes and all the advice and wisdom she shares.

I think that she shares what she is selling so well too. Her Stories are a great combination of service (advice, inspiration, recommendations) and selling.

Will of Bright Bazaar is one of the most successful bloggers/content creators I know and his Stories reflect why that is. He is professional but fun and he manages to create a lot content and stay right on brand. He works super hard and content creation is his career, so look to him for inspiration but do not feel you have to create this many Stories a week!

I always love how fast he responds to new social media trends and updates.

Fritha of TigerLilly Quinn tells such beautiful, authentic and honest Stories of her family life in Bristol. She has two young children, writes a wonderful blog and shares so many great outfits! She is super sweet and her Stories are like sitting down with a friend for a coffee and catchup.

Who are your favourite Story Tellers? Do share some in our Facebook Group. xo

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