How To Create Instagram Stories

How To Create An Instagram Story

The video below is part of Honey and it was created before you could add content from anytime. Now you can select images and videos from as far back as you want to scroll, which is so helpful.

Since I made this video there have been many Apps that have popped up to help us to create beautiful Stories. I share some of my favourites in Lesson 3.

Creating Your Best Stories

When Stories were first released I think lots of people thought it meant that they could post anything and everything there because it only lasts for 24 hours. I unfollowed quite a few people during that time because I didn't feel that that they had created something worth sharing.

Remember that we all face way too much content every day, so create your best Stories and share those. Do not feel the pressure to share something every day but when you do share something make it valuable to your audience.

How can you add to their day? How can you make them excited when they see you have created a Story? What do you enjoy about other people's Stories. Make notes about that and reflect on the type of Stories you want to create.

Shoot, Edit, Share

When you are out and about it can often be tempting to post up your Stories as you shoot them. This can sometimes work but I think the most beautiful and engaging Stories are created when people shoot images and videos as they go and then they edit and choose the best parts before they share them.

This also enables you to create a thoughtful Story Ark with a beginning, middle and end. This is going to engage your viewer and make them want to stay for the whole Story.

How Many Stories?

Editing your Stories at the end of the day will also stop you making too many Stories in a 24 hour period. Does your heart ever sink when you see a Story with so many tabs at the top? You have to really, really love the content to stay that long.

I think between 5-10 is good for one day. That isn't a fact, it's just what I enjoy to see!

Telling Your Brand Stories

Stories are brilliant because you get to see and show more about you and your brand. But it's important to keep on brand and see it is an extension of your Instagram gallery, blog, shop etc.

Keep your brand in mind when you are creating your Stories. They are a brilliant way to be able to engage with your audience, so use them well.

If you are not sure what to share, then head over to Lesson 4 where I give you ideas to get you started.

Taking To Camera

To shoot the video I selected the Focus option at the bottom under the record button. You have to swipe across to see it. Once you have pressed it, it will focus on your face.

I edited this video using VidClips. It is super easy to use and you can edit videos in Square (for your Instagram grid) 16:9 (for YouTube etc) or 9:16 for Stories and IGTV in VidClips. That's so useful. You can also add music. It is covered in Ads, so be careful not to click things and end up somewhere else. The Ads I get are very well targeted, so it's easy to think that I want to click them!

Coming Soon - Music

Very soon we'll be able to add music to our Stories directly in Instagram and with the copyright covered.

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