What About IGTV?

Just when we thought we were getting the hang of Instagram Stories and they go and release something new! Instagram TV is here. IGTV gives us the opportunity to publish videos that are up to 60 minutes long. Although I think the hour long videos are limited to certain accounts at the moment). It provides an alternative to YouTube and another platform for sharing our work, ideas, travels, creativity and inspiration.

So far I haven't been very impressed with most of the videos I've seen or skipped past. I have shared some users that are either creating beautiful videos or useful ones.

My initial thoughts are....

1. This could be really interesting and useful : I think that it's great to have a place to share longer videos on IG. 15 second clips are great but they are very short!

I think they will be great for travel videos, behind the scenes and sharing your new products and services. They will also be great for sharing skills.

2. Help! I haven't got time for this : We already have so many things to do and so much content to create, so this feels like another thing for the list. Video takes a while to create too.

3. Oh goodness people are creating some really bad and boring videos : I really haven't been impressed with many of the videos I have seen so far. Practise creating videos but only upload them when they get good or when you have taken time to work out what you want to do with this new space.

4. I might upload some old videos and see what the engagement is like : I might do this or I might just wait to work out what to use if for and make new videos in the vertical format that I just for IGTV.

Using IGTV

To use IGTV, download the IGTV app (Android) and then it will appear in your Instagram at the very top right. Click on it and you view channels and also create your own. Click on the cog and create your channel.

Have fun.

IGTV Users I've Enjoyed So Far

XantheB - not surprising here as she is the video master! Xanthe has shared videos she has made in the past as well as new content for IGTV.

Ohjoy - Joy has uploaded a video from her blog that I have already seen but it looks great on IGTV too.

Abookishbaker - Helen has been creating videos for IGTV over the past couple of weeks. Longer versions of the type of thing she shares on Stories. I can see how much she is enjoying this new creative outlet.

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