Sharing Your Stories In Other Places

Creating great content is time-consuming so it's always great when you can repurpose it, especially if it's content that is only around for 24 hours!

Sharing Images On Pinterest

If I am creating images with text on for Stories then I think about whether I want to use it on a blog post for Pinterest too. Creating both things at the same time in WordSwag take seconds, so is really worth it.

Sharing Your Stories To Facebook

You now have the option to share your Story directly to Facebook Stories when you post it, so your content is being shared in two places at once.

I haven't done much about my Facebook Stories so far, so this is a brilliant way to use Facebook Stories without any extra effort. I'm not sure how much people are engaging with Facebook Stories at the moment, so I am waiting to see before thinking about creating anything unique for there.

Creating A Round-Up Video For YouTube And IGTV

If you shoot lots of video for Instagram Stories then you might want to think about creating a weekly round-up video that you can share on YouTube and IGTV.

You can share vertical videos on YouTube and Vimeo. It just has a frame either side of the video like this one from A Bookish Baker and I absolutely love this post about how she is loving creating videos for IGTV.

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