Story Highlights

Highlighting Your Stories

Stories only last for 24 hours but you can add your favourite ones and the ones that are the most useful for your audience.

I often go back and look for things that people have shared or look through the Highlights of someone new I have found to follow.

Once you have shared your Story and it's uploaded you can add it to a Highlight by selecting Highlights at the bottom left of your Story screen on the Story you want to share.

Creating Highlight Covers

You can make personalised Highlight Story Covers that match your brand. I have used WordSwag and A Design Kit to make my first ones and but I have asked Stef to make some Makelight branded ones soon.

Here is a great tutorial for using Canva to create your Story Covers. It includes templates too.

If you are having any design work done for your brand then it might be worth adding Story covers to your list for your Designer.

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