Story Ideas

I regularly feel stuck when it comes to Instagram Stories. What should I share? What do my audience want to know about today? And I worry that I haven't got anything interesting to say or share.

To help me I've created a jar of ideas for Stories and have a notebook too. If people ask me questions I add these to my ideas for Stories. If one person has asked, it is likely that other people want to know too.

I take notes when I watch Stories that I enjoy. Not to copy Stories but to remember what I found engaging and to think about how I can apply some of that to my own Stories.

I have created an ideas sheet to help you to get started. I hope you find it helpful!

Linking To Websites

If you have over 10k followers then you can link to a website in your Stories by clicking the chain link at the top when you post a story. You can then invite your audience to Swipe Up to go to the thing you are talking about (blog post, item to buy, podcast episode, new website etc).

If you have a blog or podcast it can be a great idea to save these links into one of your Story Highlights, so that your audience can find them again in the future.


A fun and also useful thing you can do in your Stories it to create a Poll to ask your audience questions. These can either be a fun way to connect with your followers or a great way for you to gather data that can help you to grow what you are doing or create the content that your followers will find helpful.

To add a Poll to an image or video select the Stickers (top right) and then choose Poll. You then type in your Yes/No question and add to your Stories.

You can also select the Emoji slider to ask your question for added fun!

You can download my Stories Idea sheet here.

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