Day Three : Your World

Hello again!

I do hope you're enjoying my taster course so far. Today we're getting practical. I've made a short video for you all about spending time considering your home environment and what you can use to create images.

Today's Task

Try to take a moment out of your busy life and look around at your immediate surroundings. Finding ways to fit regular photography is a big part of what I teach on my Photography Essentials and Photography for Makers courses.

Take notes of things that are unique to you. What do you have around you? What do you love about a particular possession or space? Take a walk and try to look at your neighbourhood through fresh eyes.

Try to be relaxed about it – there's no challenge here. If you don't find something that's worthy of a photograph, don't worry. But also, try taking an image that isn't for any reason other than to capture something you find interesting.

Not every image has to be "for sharing". I have thousands and thousands of photographs that nobody but me has ever seen! I'd like you to try to put on fresh eyes and look for anything at all that sparks your interest, without feeling like anyone will see the results of what you photograph.

I hope you'll be surprised, that just by spending a little while thinking about where you live and what you find there, how much room there is for inspiration.

The Makelight Hashtag Library

If you've shot something and you're happy with it, do post it to Instagram and consider tagging it with #makelighttaster. It's a great way for you to connect with other people in the Makelight community.

We talk lots about Hashtags how important they are for building your community, as well as trying out the Makelight Hashtag Library and Tagalitics tools on our Beautify Your Instagram Course.

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