Day Four : Natural Light


In the previous lesson we talked about gathering inspiration from the world around you and finding things to take photographs of in your home.

Now I want to help you to take some images with these things by thinking about light.

Good, natural light is so important for creating beautiful images for your Instagram stream.


Tables close to windows and mantelpieces in rooms with big windows are great but you can also set up a space on the floor near a window.

Today I want you to clear that space, maybe move an item of furniture and make a background that is uncluttered, but still part of your home.

Then I want you to take an image of something, or a collection of things from your home in that spot.

Look at the way the light catches these objects and move them so that there aren't any ugly shadows.

Try to take the photograph straight on to the background like in the image to the below. See how there aren't any distracting parts of the window visible?

Getting organised

Try to plan some time to shoot each week, so that you can make the most of good light and not struggle in a panic to photograph something in bad light.

I'd encourage you to try to take photographs each day, yet only share the images that are taken in good light. It will make a big difference to your gallery!

You can always practice composition and styling when the light isn’t brilliant and then recreate it the next day when the light is lovely.

  • Create a simple background – move some furniture out of the way?
  • The camera is straight to the wall, so there's no perspective to the brick-work
  • No flash
  • Use props and items from your home
  • Position the subject to the left or right, not centre
  • Have fun!

If you've shot something and you're happy with it, do post it to Instagram and consider tagging it with #makelighttaster. It's a great way for you to connect with other people in the Makelight community.

I often pick from my favourite and share it with the community in the Makelight newsletter.

Emily xo

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