Day Five : Daily Creativity


In the previous lesson we looked at the importance of light. It's something I've been working on mastering for all of my adult life, so don't worry if you feel like you've still a long way to go!

I hope you managed to find a moment to try the exercise using natural light in your home – it's so powerful having somewhere in your home that you know is a great spot at a certain time of day.

To recap, we've talked about:

  • What you want to achieve on Instagram
  • Who inspires you and the style you'd like to develop
  • The materials you have at your disposal right now
  • How to use the natural light in your home

I hope you're feeling that fitting photography into your work and home life is achievable and that the barriers you might have thought were stopping you aren't as big as you thought!

Work quickly! Collecting and arranging things that you find beautiful can be enough to help you get into the rhythm of daily photography.

Gather objects that are around you and make an image using them

Today's task

Today I'd like you to combine everything that we've covered so far. Plan ahead to a time to a moment when you will likely be able to take a photograph. Bear in mind that you'll need that all important natural light, so think about the best time (and side of the home).

Think of something in your home that reflects you and where you want to go with your Instagram photography. It doesn't have to be perfect. Keep it simple, and give yourself a "time box". I like to work in half-hours.

During the week is often easiest. But during the weekend I'll think during the morning about what I'll do, and while my husband is keeping the children busy with an activity, I sneak away. I go to my well-lit spot and take the photo I have planned in that half an hour.

Try to do the same, and share the best image on Instagram.

Take your learning further

I hope you've enjoyed this taster course, and are now inspired to continue with improving your photography!

I run Makelight with my husband Stef and together we run several online courses that extend on what we've covered here and go into much more detail.

And, if you run an online business or are thinking of start one the Makelight Membership might be for you. As well as helping you with your Photography we will also help and inspire you to grow your business with monhtly online courses, Live Q&As, projects and tools.

I hope to see you in class soon!


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