Scheduling Life Stuff

Scheduling life stuff is just as important as work stuff, so take some time today to book in some things for you. It really will help you to life your best life if you remember to block out free time, time with friends, family, time for the things you want to do.

It helps stop your diary getting too full. I find it hard to see that I want a weekend without plans unless my diary makes it clear to me. Otherwise, something will pop up and get booked in for that weekend.

I love using a Google Calendar that I share with my husband Stef, so we can both see each other's calendars whenever we need to.

I also love using a paper diary and a wall planner.

My favourite diaries are Rifle Paper ones because I love the designs and I really like Lollipop Wall Planners, so that I can see the whole year in one go.

This year I have started a Bullet Journal. I'm still very much a beginner to this, so I bought myself The Little Bullet Book, which is a ready made bullet journal and is inspiring me to use an empty notebook next time!

Please share the ways you like to schedule and plan in the Facebook Group. xo

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