Your Calendar

Make time today to take a really good look at your diary. Fill in all the things that you might not have put into it yet, things that are in your head but you might not have moved them into your diary.

When you know you've put everything into your diary take a good look at it. How much time to you have over the next couple of months? If you are working in July and August, how much time do you have to do all that you need to do? This is particularly important if you work for yourself because your hours are probably not fixed. This means that often we think we have more time than we do. If we see that in advance then we can plan accordinly but if we don't pay attention to it, we can get into a muddle and stress about all that we need to do without the time we need to do it.

If you find clear days in your diary, grab them now and save them for your work. Or if you are not working save them for a whole day activity.

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