Welcome to Photography

Welcome to the course!

Hello and Welcome to the course! It is so very lovely to have so many people joining this course from all over the world. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you over the coming weeks.

You will receive lessons via email from us over the next few weeks – we make sure to spread the tasks out so there are a few "days off" without a lesson, to give you room to breathe and practise. Please don't worry if you fall behind. The lessons do not expire and you'll be able to access them after the course finishes.

If you use Facebook it would be wonderful if you could join the private Facebook Group for this course (linked at the bottom of every page). Here you can ask questions, share images, get extra inspiration and best of all connect with the other people also taking part. We keep the group open for a couple of weeks after all the lessons have gone out, after which I hope you'll join the main Makelight Members group to keep your learning going.

You can read more about how it all works on the How The Course Works page. Scroll down…

Exercise 1:A snapshot in time

The first thing I would like you to do is to record where you are with your photography today. Take a photograph related to your making. You can use whatever camera you want to. I just want this photograph to be a record for you of where you are now. You might want to take some notes about what you would like this photograph to look like at the end of the course.

You can even upload it into the Facebook Group if you'd like to and let me know what you want to achieve or what you're struggling with right now.

You might also like to take a snapshot of your Instagram as it stands today. If you'd like to share with the group it always makes for good conversation!

Exercise 2: Learning goals

We have a workbook download for you that will build up as the course progresses. The first part is available for you to download now and includes a thougth-provoking exercise about thinking through what you are hoping to achieve on this course.

Please work through the exercise ether using the online version or by printing out the workbook and doing it by hand. Whichever works for you!

Don't forget to pop into the Facebook group and say hello!

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