Where to find your camera settings

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to find the right settings to be able to follow along with this course. So I've made a handful of short videos for some of the most popular makes of digital camera. Scroll through these to the right to find one that is close to the one that you own. If you can't find your exact model, sometimes it's helpful to look at one or two of the others to help you find a similar setting on yours. Googling for your exact camera model, plus the word "manual" should give you a PDF download and then you can search for the settings in there too.

If you need help, please do ask in the Facebook group and one of us will do our best to get you unstuck!

Camera settings videos

If the videos above won't work for you these should work instead!

Custom White Balance

ISO Canon

Exposure Compensation Canon

Aperture Priority Canon

White Balance Canon

Exposure Compensation Sony

ISO Sony

Aperture Priority Sony

Focus Points Sony

White Balace Nikon

Aperture Priority Nikon

Focus Points Nikon

Aperture Priority Olympus PEN

Focus Points Olympus PEN

ISO Olympus PEN

White Balance Olympus PEN

Exposure Olympus PEN

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