Editing on your smartphone

I edit all my images whether I take them on my iPhone or my dSLR. My editing is usually quite light and subtle but 99% of my images are edited and every single image I take that I want to share (online, with family and friends or on our fridge door) goes into editing software. Occasionally (about 1% of the time) the image won't need any editing. This is usually an outdoors image when the light is just absolutely perfect. It does happen but not often.

The rest of the time I edit the images. And everything I edit on my iPhone is edited with my favourite app PicTapGo.

The thing that I love about PicTapGo is that you can control the level of each filter that you use and you can layer several filters together. Just keep going until you are happy! Your phone will keep the original, so you don't have to worry about experimenting.

It keeps track of your favourite filters too (My Style) and you can also save the recipe when you have finished editing an image (see above), so you can use it again to create the same look and feel again. This is so good for editing a series of images for a blog post or set of images.

When you add the recipe to another image you can adjust how much of the recipe you apply and if you need to you can also add other filters on top of it, for example you might need to make it a little light (Lights On) or darker (Lights Off).

I then upload to Instagram but not necessarily straight away. Sometimes I take a series of images and then spread them across a couple of days. My life is very busy but I like to keep connected with Instagram! I also take my daily flower photographs one day before I post them and sometimes save a few extras for extra busy weeks or times when I am away.

The finished image

If I am not shooting for Instagram then I use the same workflow but I shoot in the normal camera mode, unless I particularly want it to be a square image.

I would love you to have a go at using this workflow. If you can't use PicTapGo (it is sadly only available for iPhones/iPads at the moment) then try Priime, VSCO or Afterlight. These are all beautiful editing apps too.

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