Styling Your Product

It is really important to practise everything that we've looked at on this course so far. Only when you feel really confident with your camera and with composition and light will you then be able to apply those things to styling your creations. It is so easy to want to skip all that and feel like it's no use for you. I promise you it is. All the different types of photography I have done over the years all help me to style and photograph a flat lay for example.

It is so important for you to really see and your camera will help you to do that. And then you can practise your styling with your new eyes and your new tool!

Photographing Small Things

It is very important to think about your background and to keep the styling of small things simple, so they don't get lost in the frame and leave people wondering what they are supposed to be looking at.

Keep your props in proportion to your items, to make sure that your creations remain the hero of the image.

Invest in a macro lens or a macro adaptor to screw onto your lens. This will help you to get really close to your small things, so they don't look like they are floating in a huge ocean of background! They don't always need to fill the frame but you want them to be easy to see without wanting to zoom in.

Below is a Pinterest Board with ideas for styling jewellery, which can be used as inspiration for other small things too.

Styling Medium Size Things

If you create things that aren't really small or really big you might be feeling okay right now. Your camera lens probably feels okay and you are hopefully able to find backgrounds that are big enough for you. Do make sure your background is big enough though. Otherwise your image will feel claustrophobic or you will try and take it at a funny angle.

Find props that tell the story and don't just happen to be the right colour or size. Really think about why the prop is there and then you will find that your styling will be easier, look better and it will really help you to create a beautiful image.

Here are some Pinterest Boards I hope will inspire your styling.

Photographing Larger Things

It is really important to give yourself enough space to photograph large things. Think bigger and think wider.

You might need a wide angle lens to help you capture your large creation. A 24-70 lens is brilliant for allowing you to go wide but also allow you to get closer and capture details too.

Make use of floors and wall space. Think about where your large creation will be displayed. Do you need to capture a whole room? Think about the colours in the room. Styling your space to fit your creation is important here.

Styling on the floor will help you use a large space and you can set up a tripod to help you shoot this, so you don't have to climb up on a ladder.

If you are struggling with your tripod not being stable or your tripod arm wobbling then sandbags are your friend to keep everything stable and balanced. These aren't the most beautiful images I could find for you but they do clearly show how to keep your tripod balanced.

Here are some ideas for styling larger things.

Whatever the size of the item you are photographing, think about your background (not just what it looks like but how big it is), make sure that your camera lens is suitable for the job and when it comes to choosing your props think about their size and what they are adding to the story you are telling.

Your styling needs to being with your story and then everything should flow from that.

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