Creating Pinnable Content

Here is a Pinterest board of great Pins to inspire you. Some of these pins could be improved by adding their website and/or brand name to the Pin but hopefully they give you some good ideas.

These are examples of Pins that clearly direct people to blog posts and resources. My whole Pinterest account is full of examples of beautiful images that are also great to have on your blogs. People are always looking for gorgeous images to Pin too and a combination of these two types of pins are important to have on your blog posts.

Stef is currently creating something for me to use for our blogs on Makelight and The Quinskis, and we will be sharing that with you very soon.

Good places to create Pins for your blog posts are Canva and Adobe Spark. You can use Photoshop too if you prefer.
Your Pins should aim to be 800 x 1200 pixels.

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