Using Apps To Schedule Your Pinning

Life is busy and we don't (always) have time to think about Pinterest every day. You might already use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule tweets and Facebook posts. You might also use an app to help you schedule your Instagram posts.

If you find scheduling apps helpful then you might like to try one of these for your Pinterest.


I have used Boardbooster to clean up my boards. It looks for broken links, missing source links, pins that redirect to a different website than the original one. This all helps you to have good quality pins. You can try their Board Doctor for free.

I have also used Boardbooster to schedule my pins. You fill private boards that are shared with Boardbooster on a day to suit you and then Boardbooster will pin these onto your public boards at the best time for your audience. So, you are pinning each day without actually having to pin each day.


I haven't used Tailwind yet but it looks very interesting, especially if you have more than one Pinterest account. It looks like you can manage them both from within Tailwind without having to log in and out of Pinterest.

You can manage Pinterest and Instagram from Tailwind, which might be interesting and helpful for you.

I am very interested in Tailwind Tribes. This is a way to work with other people to share each others content and pins. Perhaps we could set one (or more!) up for Makelight? Do let me know if you would be interested in that.

I plan to use Boardbooster or Tailwind a lot more as I think it will really help to improve my Pinterest activity.

What Next?

Over the next 3 months I am going to be implementing as many things as possible to help grow my Pinterest and the amount of traffic from Pinterest to Makelight and my personal blog. In March we will look at Pinterest again and see how we are all doing.

Try and make time for Pinterest each week and remember that social media is a long game, so don't give up if you don't see any results straight away. xo

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