The Cut

Makelight's June focus
on Mobile video-making

Learn to share your ideas and your story through mobile video

Video has suddenly come into its own.
What was once only possible with expensive cameras, complicated lighting, tricky-to-use microphones and a big budget, is now widely available.

To get seen on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, increasingly you nee to be making videos. But it's hard!

Join Makelight for June and get the inside track on how to make great videos with your phone.

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The Makelight focus for June

Makelight.com is an online learning membership site for creators, makers and doers.

A community of entrepreneurs, Instagrammers and bloggers all learning how to grow communities, online audiences and businesses around what we're passionate about.

Each month we have a Makelight Focus, and in June it's all about video-making.

Learn how to get going with producing videos using whatever kit you have, how to shoot, how to using lighting, how to get the sound to be good, an overview of editing and publishing and lots more in an achievable, enjoyable and positive way.

The nature of video-making has changed significantly over the past few years and it's now become something of a must-have for anyone growing and promoting a business or project. It can feel quite daunting, but a simple 15 second video can be really easy to make and super popular on Instagram and Facebook.

There will be a series of lessons for you to take at your own pace covering these topics:

What we'll be covering

  • Video fundamentals

  • Apps and tools to use

  • Different types of video content

  • Choosing the right kit

  • Getting the sound and lighting right

  • An intro to editing

  • Cutting and distributing

  • How to develop your video voice

  • Aiming for Facebook, Instagram

  • And lots more!


On top of all of these videos and exercises, we'll have a set of resources to help you with setting up your workflow for making video, along with kit recommendations and a series of Live Q&As to answer all your video related questions.

This month-long series of lessons is hosted by Emily and Stef, co-founders of Makelight.

If we've not met yet then we're excited to host you this month!


Emily Quinton has won a blogging award, secured a book deal through her online writing, spoken at blogging conferences, been featured on lots of blogs and in many more magazines… and turned her blog into a business that convinced Stef to quit his thing to join her full time!

Video came next, and she's built a business out of making accessible, easy to understand video courses here at Makelight.

She believes passionately in talking from the heart and loves to share her passion for how using video can reach people in a way that writing or other mediums can't.



Stef Lewandowski is a designer and technologist and has helped Emily to build and design the Makelight.com you see around you today.

We have both been making and producing video for over several years. Stef was one of the founders of a video production platform that raised several million dollars of investment and employed forty people, so he has lots of knowledge to share!

While Emily will be talking about the "why and what" side of video-making, Stef will be here to get you unstuck with all the technicalities and intricacies – and there are a few! Let's get you making some great videos without the hassle.

Join in this June

It's going to be a great month of learning if you're starting out, or getting going with mobile video-making. Or even if you've been doing it a little while and need to re-focus. It's our whole membership focus for June, so we hope you'll sign up and join in! Remember there are only 100 places available. Don't miss out!

Emily and Stef xo

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