The Pin

Makelight's October focus
on Using Pinterest to promote and grow what you do

Let's spend some time thinking about Pinterest this month

This month we'll be taking a look into how to use Pinterest to promote what you do, to grow your blog readership and to send more people to your website.

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The Makelight focus for October

Makelight.com is an online learning membership site for creators, makers and doers.

A community of entrepreneurs, Instagrammers and bloggers all learning how to grow communities, online audiences and businesses around what we're passionate about.

Each month we have a Makelight Focus, and this is the focus for this month.

With videos, guest appearances, live Q&As and articles on the monthly topic, we delve into an area of interest and see what we can all learn!

This series of lessons is hosted by Emily and Stef, co-founders of Makelight.

If we've not met yet then we're excited to host you this month!


Emily Quinton has won a blogging award, secured a book deal through her online writing, spoken at blogging conferences, been featured on lots of blogs and in many more magazines… and turned her blog into a business that convinced Stef to quit his thing to join her full time!

Emily is passionate about helping people who have an idea for a passion business to turn it into reality.



Stef Lewandowski is a designer and technologist and has helped Emily to build and design the Makelight.com you see around you today.

Stef teaches in an accessible way about how to use just enough technology, in a simple way, to achieve what you're aiming for. His "just get something working quickly, then iterate" approach is how we've built Makelight, and it's something he really hopes to inspire in others.

Join in this October

It's going to be a great month of learning and should really help to give your passion project a boost. It's our whole membership focus for this month, so we hope you'll sign up and join in! Don't miss out!

Emily and Stef xo

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