Go deeper into what defines your style and what you stand for as a Maker

An online photography class for makers and creative people learning advanced techniques for photographing your craft.



Makers Level two

Starts February 2017

Learn to develop a workflow for creating and managing images that work when displayed in a variety of locations – your website, your blog, Pinterest, Instagram, in magazines and on marketplaces like Etsy.

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The lessons in this course will cover four areas



  • Photographing your completed work for your online store
  • Establishing a workflow for creating images of different sizes for different purposes
  • Building a library of images
  • Making images that meet marketplace guidelines


  • Briefing a professional for lifestyle shots
  • Creating a recognisable Pinterest template
  • Capturing and publishing time-lapse videos of your process
  • Considerations for your website and blog

Your visual style

  • Establishing your colour palette
  • Defining your visual style
  • Telling a deeper Maker Story
  • Working your brand values into your imagery
  • Emphasising your materials, tools and process
  • Telling your story through provenance

Photography skills

  • A guide to equipment you will need
  • Setting up a micro studio
  • An introduction to flash, lightboxes and softboxes
  • Macro photography for small items
  • Getting consistent images using white balance and exposure

A personal insights report

When you sign up to the class, if you have an Instagram account, you'll receive a beautiful visual report of your colour palette and themes that run through your images.

We call this tool Makelight Insights, and you can use it to understand the themes and colours that people enjoy most about your Instagram account.


Join a supportive community

We open a Facebook Group open for every Makelight class. It's amazing to see so many friendships form as a result!

Afterwards you can join the main private Makelight Worldwide Facebook Group.

You'll become part of a worldwide community of inspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent makers.

Here are some interviews and quotes from happy attendees!

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Any questions about the course please email us at: 

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