The Pattern

A six-month online mentoring programme for creators, makers and doers.

2017 Looks set to be a big year

Let's make sure of it!

Hello! Emily and Stef here. We're super excited that in 2017 we're going to be taking things even further with what we can offer the Makelight community.

Earlier this year we launched our group mentoring programme, The Pattern. We formed a group of six creative, entrepreneurial people from the Makelight community and designed a programme of support and mentoring around them.

Later this year we'll be inviting the next group, and you could be one of them.

Along the way we'll be drawing on our respective entrepreneurial journeys to offer support, guidance and practical input on how you can build and grow your business in 2017.

If you'd like to be one of the next six, and you're looking to take your online business to new heights, read on for how to apply.

We're so excited to be sharing this brand new programme with you!

Emily and Stef

6 months
mentoring & support

6 people
growing & learning

Invaluable inspiration, support, advice and guidance through co-mentoring

You may have heard of "co-mentoring". It's a proven way that some of the most successful people we know manage to make sure they're able to get unstuck when they hit a problem. Or get the support and guidance when they need to jump on an opportunity when it comes along.

With The Pattern, we've designed a way for our community to grow and support each other to achieve our individual business aims.

If you get inspiring people in a room together, you'll be amazed about the similarities in the problems we all face. There's much to be gained from sharing and supporting each other. With The Pattern we're setting up a way for that to happen.

Excited? We are!

Here's how it works

How it works

You will be put into a group of six, based on the nature of your business, and what stage you are with it.

You will be assigned an accountability partner who is at a similar stage to you. Together you'll set goals and targets, and share your progress over the programme. Your accountability partner is there to give you the impetus to stick to what you're trying to achieve, even if it gets had!

Over the six months we'll be hosting live-chats via video streaming, you'll have a private chat room for the group and Emily, Stef and invited guests will be on hand to offer insights, support and guidance.

About you

Ideally you will have completed the Makelight Tech course, if not we can offer you special access so you can complete it in parallel.

You will have a small business, online store, blog or project that you are looking to turn into a successful online business.

Willing to commit your time to growing your passion project.

The investment

£1499 ($1900 USD)
€1790 | $2535 AUD | $2635 NZD

This is the most ambitious online learning offering we'll have put together so far with Makelight, so the amount you'll be investing is greater than our other courses.

The Pattern is available as a one-off purchase or via four installments. We're not offering discounts or offers with this programme.

We think that the impact on your business will be much greater than the amount you'd spend by joining!

Fit Into The Pattern

Places are limited to six participants


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