The new Makelight podcast

We're starting a podcast all about leading a creative life.

People are so interesting, don't you think? Everyone has a different motivation for what they do, each one unique.

On this brand new Makelight podcast we're going to be taking a look at leading a creative life. Why do we make things? What drives us to do what we do? What can we learn from those who've found a good way to live and work?

We're calling it "Makefulness". We think we know what that means, but you, and our guests might have different ideas. Hosted by Emily and Stef, we'll be hosting interviews with fascinating people to help define it and hear their thoughts on why how and what we make.


Emily Quinton talks to Miranda Mills from Tea and Tattle about her process

Gabriell Treanor is a researcher, writer and teacher on the subject of dealing with the anxieties and worries that modern life bring us, and how to put them to one side to live an enjoyable life. For our first podcast episode, and to tie in with our monthly theme of Balance, Emily talked to Gabrielle about how we can make our lives and work a little more balanced.


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