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A one-month online course that will help you to develop a coherent brand around what you do

Creating and developing a distinctive, memorable and attractive brand is super important to help you grow a keen audience around what you do. But getting it right is harder than it looks!

Hi! We're Emily and Stef. Together we run Makelight, a learning community of makers and doers all striving to make a success out of the thing that we love to do.

On this inspiring and achievable course, we'll work through what it is about you and your work that's your special sauce, and by the end you'll be in a good place to start building a brand that your community will love.

No matter what stage you're at, Bloom will help you understand how to create a brand around you and your work, no matter how small your budget.

Here's the good news: you can create a great brand on a shoestring budget

You just need to get the fundamentals right

This course is hosted by Stef, who ran an award-winning design agency for ten years before joining Emily to build Makelight.

With big brand clients including Vivienne Westwood, The V&A, Red Bull, Land Rover as well as small, creative businesses, Stef has a wealth of experience to share with you. 

We'll go back to first principles, establish what you, your business or your project are all about. Then we'll work through how to communicate those fundamentals to the world, whatever stage you are at. Past attendees have found Bloom useful for establishing the fundamentals, working out a name, colours, typography. Others have found it useful for re-assessing where they're at and working on a rebrand or a new direction.

You're not going to come out of this course suddenly proficient as a graphic designer, but you will know what you're about, what you and your work stands for and the themes and ideas that you want to convey to people through what you're passionate about. From that solid foundation you'll be able to work with designers and other creative people to communicate those ideas to your followers or customers.


What's your brand


Every brand is unique. How do you come across online?

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What this course covers

Video lessons and exercises including

Trend and Position

An introduction to trend analysis and research
Branding safari – gathering inspiration from your network and those around you
Competitor analysis
Placing your brand
Establishing your points of differentiation

Essence and Aspiration

Defining your principles
Thinking about your ideal customer
Inspiring your community
Creating a brand guidelines document
Listening to your customers

Themes and Presentation

The importance of good typography
Your stop words and your go words
Weaving your identity through your imagery
Establishing ongoing vs short term themes
Briefing collaborators and suppliers

Definition and Plan

A brand doesn't just happen
Establishing your brand vision
Steps for getting from here to there
Your ongoing brand development plan

Love for the Makelight experience

Just some of the feedback we've had from our courses.

Very helpful, sound advice given in a clear, friendly and easy to understand way

Linda Hunter

A lovely community, Emily and Stef' support is super, and doing the courses I've seem a huge improvement in my photography.

Jude Magee

Its a great way to develop your creativity while participating with a friendly, like minded community.

Catherine Garner

How it works

Makelight.com is an online learning membership site for creators, makers and doers.

A community of entrepreneurs, Instagrammers and bloggers all learning how to grow communities, online audiences and businesses around what we're passionate about.

This is a one-off course with no ongoing commitment, but if you enjoy it we hope you'll join us as one of our monthly members where you'll receive lots more like this.

Some principles

You can learn at your own pace
Lessons are snackable so they're easy to fit in
Live video Q&As are great for motivation
Exercises are achievable and realistic
A supportive community helps you keep on track
Advice should be useful, honest and no-nonsense
The price should be affordable

What you'll receive by joining the course

Join a community of makers and entrepreneurs all looking to improve how they share what they're passionate about online
1 month of lessons including videos with text, images and embeds all delivered by our own custom-built learning site.
1 month of support and advice from the Makelight team and the community, or more if you join as a subscribing member
Advice on equipment, apps and how to use them
PDF downloads to help you with your workflow and planning
A profile page that will enable others in the community to find and follow you
A dedicated Facebook group just for the people taking the course
Facebook Live Q&A sessions
Our weekly newsletter with inspiration and ideas
On-demand access to recap or catch up whenever you like

Phew! Sounds like a lot, but don't worry, the course is calm, inspiring and keeps you motivated throughout.

This course is hosted by Emily and Stef, co-founders of Makelight.


Hi, I'm Emily Quinton I'm a photographer, writer, teacher and founder of Makelight.

Learn to create beautiful images that tell your story, plus gain tools and techniques to grow in an authentic, inspiring way using the approaches I've learnt.

Over the last few years I've grown a following of 500,000 across Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Some of it's luck, but a lot of it is about consistently working towards what you're trying to achieve. Along the way I've learnt a lot and with our Makelight courses and membership sharing it all with you!


Hi, I'm Stef, Emily's husband. I'm a designer and technologist I'm working full time building and designing the Makelight.com you see around you today.

My background is in computer science, and I studied artificial intelligence at university. I'm applying that knowledge to help build our Instagram analytics tools.

I'm also a photographer and you'll see some of my photos on our shared Instagram account @thequinskis.

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