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Hello, I'm Emily Quinton. I am the co-founder of Makelight, where I teach and inspire people to grow their business, blog or passion project with online lessons and a supportive international community. 

I'm also a mother of four young children and I know just how hard it can be to juggle being a parent with running your own business, especially during the school holidays. 

One of the main ways that I keep guilt at bay during the holidays is to make sure I take as many images of my children as I can during the time we spend together. This helps the whole family to hold onto the happy times, create memories that will last a lifetime and have a whole heap of fun in the process.

Every year at Christmas I create a family photo book of the year to give to the grandparents and our Summer stories always fill the centre pages with joy.  

I know just how busy these next few weeks can be if you have school children, so I wanted to share this special Summer course with you to help you to capture family stories that you can share and treasure for years to come. Your whole family can get involved too, which will add to the fun and enjoyment. 

Introducing our new Family Storytelling course

Free for everyone to join this Summer

Learn how to photograph children and family members in a more creative, natural way. Move away from just "smile for the camera" photos and start making images that are more natural and evocative of your time together.

Join a group of other families taking photographs over the Summer period. Through our private Facebook group and on the new Makelight learning website you'll receive a series of videos, projects, lessons, live Q&As and worksheets to inspire you to take better photographs.

Use whatever camera or phone you have – after all, the best camera is the one you have in your pocket.

I hope you'll join me for an inspiring Summer project and make it one that you'll never forget! 

Love for the Makelight experience

Just some of the feedback we've had from our courses.

Very clear, actionable training given in bites small enough to handle, yet substantial enough to inspire you to keep going.

Mindfulness Through Gardening

Great teaching, supportive and always evolving. I love how new surprises are always being added. Makelight grows with you!

Debbie Lamey MacDonald

Its a great way to develop your creativity while participating with a friendly, like minded community.

Catherine Garner

How it works

Makelight.com is an online learning membership site for creators, makers and doers.

A community of entrepreneurs, Instagrammers and bloggers all learning how to grow communities, online audiences and businesses around what we're passionate about.

This is a one-off course with no ongoing commitment, but if you enjoy it we hope you'll join us as one of our monthly members where you'll receive lots more like this.

Some principles

You can learn at your own pace
Lessons are snackable so they're easy to fit in
Live video Q&As are great for motivation
Exercises are achievable and realistic
A supportive community helps you keep on track
Advice should be useful, honest and no-nonsense
The price should be affordable

What you'll receive by joining the course

Join a community of makers and entrepreneurs all looking to improve how they share what they're passionate about online
1 month of lessons including videos with text, images and embeds all delivered by our own custom-built learning site.
1 month of support and advice from the Makelight team and the community, or more if you join as a subscribing member
Advice on equipment, apps and how to use them
PDF downloads to help you with your workflow and planning
A profile page that will enable others in the community to find and follow you
A dedicated Facebook group just for the people taking the course
Facebook Live Q&A sessions
Our weekly newsletter with inspiration and ideas
On-demand access to recap or catch up whenever you like

Phew! Sounds like a lot, but don't worry, the course is calm, inspiring and keeps you motivated throughout.

This course is hosted by Emily and Stef, co-founders of Makelight.


Hi, I'm Emily Quinton I'm a photographer, writer, teacher and founder of Makelight.

Learn to create beautiful images that tell your story, plus gain tools and techniques to grow in an authentic, inspiring way using the approaches I've learnt.

Over the last few years I've grown a following of 500,000 across Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Some of it's luck, but a lot of it is about consistently working towards what you're trying to achieve. Along the way I've learnt a lot and with our Makelight courses and membership sharing it all with you!


Hi, I'm Stef, Emily's husband. I'm a designer and technologist I'm working full time building and designing the Makelight.com you see around you today.

My background is in computer science, and I studied artificial intelligence at university. I'm applying that knowledge to help build our Instagram analytics tools.

I'm also a photographer and you'll see some of my photos on our shared Instagram account @thequinskis.

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