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Modern tools and approaches that will help you to grow online, without the tech trouble

The Technique is a three month long online course that will provide you with the know-how to make your idea thrive in our online world.

Equal parts inspiring and accessible, the course is designed specifically for creative small business owners, bloggers, makers and entrepreneurs – the folks who make up the Makelight community!

Learn how to apply modern digital tools and techniques to get your website and online marketing really working for you.

Our earlybird offer ends on 1st August and includes a £75 voucher to spend on Google Adwords, which we cover as part of this course.

The tech bit doesn't need to be so hard

Learn how to apply easy-to-use tools to grow what you're passionate about

Hi there, I'm Stef. I'm a designer and technologist.

I'm passionate about helping everyone in the Makelight community get the most from the opportunities of the online world.

Over the past fifteen years, I've created award-winning websites, apps and design work. Often for my own ventures but also for small businesses, brands and charities. Many of the things I've helped start have raised millions in funding.

If there's one thing I've learnt along the way, it's how to use technology and design to grow an idea from nothing to something.

I want to share with you what I've learnt and applied over the years in my work and for the companies I've advised. 

It's so easy to build the wrong thing when you're trying to build your business – a new, expensive website might look really good on the surface, but if you've not got some of the basics right, it might not work as well as you'd hoped.

On this course I'll save you time and money, help you get set up with the right tools, understand what you need from your website, online shop, blog and newsletter, but above all help you make 2017 an awesome year for your venture!

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What this course covers

Video lessons and exercises including

Define & explain

Defining your value.
The importance of measurement.
Setting up analytics in a way that works for you.
Making pages that work for you

Build & funnel

Understanding how & why people come to you.
Growing a mailing list.
Facebook ad strategies.
Creating "your free thing".

Simplify & automate

Tools to make life easier.
Designing for intent.
Using code-free automation tools to run things.
Create automatic emails.

Sell & experiment

E-commerce considerations.
Running growth experiments.
Dashboards, feeds and alerts.
Getting set for social.

Love for the Makelight experience

Just some of the feedback we've had from our courses.

Makelight is the most accessible and supportive community I've ever been part of. The instruction is top notch and you are never alone. Amazing!

Vicki Bouchard

A lovely community, Emily and Stef' support is super, and doing the courses I've seem a huge improvement in my photography.

Jude Magee

Very clear, actionable training given in bites small enough to handle, yet substantial enough to inspire you to keep going.

Mindfulness Through Gardening

How it works

Makelight.com is an online learning membership site for creators, makers and doers.

A community of entrepreneurs, Instagrammers and bloggers all learning how to grow communities, online audiences and businesses around what we're passionate about.

This is a one-off course with no ongoing commitment, but if you enjoy it we hope you'll join us as one of our monthly members where you'll receive lots more like this.

Some principles

You can learn at your own pace
Lessons are snackable so they're easy to fit in
Live video Q&As are great for motivation
Exercises are achievable and realistic
A supportive community helps you keep on track
Advice should be useful, honest and no-nonsense
The price should be affordable

What you'll receive by joining the course

Join a community of makers and entrepreneurs all looking to improve how they share what they're passionate about online
3 months of lessons including videos with text, images and embeds all delivered by our own custom-built learning site.
1 month of support and advice from the Makelight team and the community, or more if you join as a subscribing member
Advice on equipment, apps and how to use them
PDF downloads to help you with your workflow and planning
A profile page that will enable others in the community to find and follow you
A dedicated Facebook group just for the people taking the course
Facebook Live Q&A sessions
Our weekly newsletter with inspiration and ideas
On-demand access to recap or catch up whenever you like

Phew! Sounds like a lot, but don't worry, the course is calm, inspiring and keeps you motivated throughout.

This course is hosted by Emily and Stef, co-founders of Makelight.


Hi, I'm Emily Quinton I'm a photographer, writer, teacher and founder of Makelight.

Learn to create beautiful images that tell your story, plus gain tools and techniques to grow in an authentic, inspiring way using the approaches I've learnt.

Over the last few years I've grown a following of 500,000 across Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Some of it's luck, but a lot of it is about consistently working towards what you're trying to achieve. Along the way I've learnt a lot and with our Makelight courses and membership sharing it all with you!


Hi, I'm Stef, Emily's husband. I'm a designer and technologist I'm working full time building and designing the Makelight.com you see around you today.

My background is in computer science, and I studied artificial intelligence at university. I'm applying that knowledge to help build our Instagram analytics tools.

I'm also a photographer and you'll see some of my photos on our shared Instagram account @thequinskis.

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